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So you think you have a business book in you. What’s stopping you from writing it?

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Whenever I share a post on social media about writing a business book, I often receive comments from business owners telling me that they think they’ve got a book in them or an idea for a book is slowly forming in the back of their minds.

The implication, however, is often that it’s either not a priority or something that they’ll think about at some unspecified point in the future.

If that sounds like you, what’s really holding you back from extracting a book from your brilliant mind? Perhaps it’s one of the following:

I’m not really a writer You’re probably writing your own marketing material and maybe the occasional blog but you don’t think of yourself as ‘a writer’. I get it – you’re not a pro but you will almost certainly have been a social media publisher for some time and understand how to communicate with your audience. What I always say is, if you engage in the act of writing, then you’re a writer – and there’s plenty of support available if you want to start writing a book and improving your writing as you go along.

I don’t know where to start If you google ‘how to write a book’, you can find numerous guides on the subject and many websites offering anything from seven to 21 ‘crystal-clear’ or ‘ridiculously simple’ steps to success as a new author. You might think, great – there’s plenty of free information out there that will help me get my ideas onto the page. But it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the often conflicting advice out there and end up never making a start. Or maybe you have lots of ideas swimming around your brain but don’t know if any of them will be robust or interesting enough to support a book. But if you have an idea for a book, an idea about your target audience and an idea of what you want the book to do for your business – again, support is available to get you started and keep you on the right track.

I don’t have the clarity I recently spoke to a business contact and she told me she would really like to write a book but has only been in business for three years and hasn’t found her ‘home’ niche yet. She’s not sure she has a unique angle on her line of work and wants to wait until she has more clarity around that and where exactly she wants to position herself. This is completely understandable – although I could make a case to her that, as soon as she’s identified her niche, a book can help her gain clarity and become an authority at the same time. I’d also say that clarity often emerges through the act of writing a book.

I don’t have the time My business pal also said she didn’t have time to write a book – she’s too busy running and building her business! Again, this makes complete sense – although my question would be, if not now, when? If you make the wise decision to write a book to promote your business – this year, next year, in five years’ time – you have to plan ahead and dedicate time and resources to writing and publishing it. And do you really not have the time? Writing little and often can get you there.

I need to focus on marketing and sales

This is an extension of ‘I don’t have the time’. I’m not arguing against time spent on general sales and marketing but writing a business book will allow you to zoom out and look at the bigger picture rather than getting stuck in the day-to-day grind of running a business. In fact, a book is a sales and marketing tool – and possibly the best one you’ll ever create. Why not see a business book as a long-term investment in your sales and marketing?

I can’t afford the investment There’s no doubt that writing and publishing a book requires a big investment in terms of time, energy and money. But the potential return on that investment is enormous: payback comes in the form of enhanced credibility, new-found authority and opportunities that emerge simply because a book can open doors for you. These opportunities are so far-reaching that it raises a question: if you’re serious about elevating your profile and growing your business, can you afford not to publish a book? It will be your best ambassador, your ideal calling card. As I wrote in my last blog, a business book can be the centrepiece of your business.

If you think you do have a business book in you and would like to explore your options, a good first step would be to attend our introductory webinar or book a free consultation. It just requires a mindset shift from ‘I’ll do it one day’ to ‘I’ll do it now'.


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