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Sound strategies - top tips for promoting your audiobook

In a world where digital content reigns supreme, the spoken word has never been more powerful. Over the past few years, the rise in popularity of audiobooks, alongside podcasts, has been exponential; a burgeoning cultural phenomenon that provides a unique and immersive way to consume and experience books.

At The Right Book Company we’re witnessing more and more of our authors embark on a journey to bring their words to life through audiobooks. In an evolving publishing landscape, where the fusion of technology and words has never been more profound, we’re proud to offer audiobooks, alongside print and digital books, as a key part of our publishing packages.

Some authors choose to narrate their book themselves, immersing themselves in the process and savouring the sense of accomplishment it brings. Others entrust the narration to a professional voice artist, resulting in an equally awesome finished product.

Whichever route an author chooses, the outcome is consistently met with enthusiasm and satisfaction as their audiobook breathes new life into their words, igniting their ideas, stories and unique perspectives with a unique energy that captivates the listener and only audio can deliver.

More than a trend, these authors’ audiobooks have become invaluable assets, transforming their content into a force that extends the reach and impact of their work. But as the finishing touches are made and authors prepare to share their audiobook with the world, a new question arises: how to effectively promote it? Here we delve into some essential tips and strategies for successfully promoting and audiobook:

1) Build a landing page

Your audiobook is an exciting new way to use the content of your book to build your profile, promote your expertise and boost your appeal to clients, customers and anyone you want to help. A landing page on your website will capture interest and bring your target audience into your world. Include some sample audio content and clear links to platforms and retailers that are streaming or selling your audiobook.

2) Update your links and profiles

Boost your book’s reach by showcasing your audiobook everywhere. Update your social media profiles, email signatures, website, author bios, and promotional materials with audiobook mentions. In some environments you can boost engagement by sharing sample audio content, forging a deeper connection with your audience. Importantly, make sure you add your audiobook to your Amazon Author Page as this will also create an author page for you on Audible.

3) Make it easy for people to find and experience your audiobook

Use QR codes to effortlessly link your audience straight to your audiobook. You could use a QR code to link to a landing page on your website or to a particular retailer or streaming platform. You can even use QR codes to automatically play an audio clip or sample from your audiobook. Add a QR code to your business cards, embed one in your email signature and use them on social media posts, flyers and other promotional materials you create.

4) Build pre-awareness and announce the launch

Whilst it’s not always possible to specify a particular release date for an audiobook, don’t let that hinder you from generating excitement about its impending launch. Start building anticipation around 3-4 weeks before the expected release by sharing teaser clips, offering a free sample audio chapter on your website, providing glimpses into the recording process, and generally raising awareness. After the audiobook is released, maintain the promotional momentum with a consistent stream of social media updates, email newsletters, blog mentions, and more.

5) Create an audiobook trailer video

Enhance audience engagement and capture attention by incorporating dynamic visuals behind an audio sample of your audiobook. Creating a video trailer not only boosts appeal but also facilitates promotion on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. Perhaps choose a simple sound wave background or explore more imaginative options, aligning your subject matter to a background video that will really speak to your audience.

6) Keep an eye on Amazon

Amazon and Audible collectively dominate the global audiobook market. Amazon offers a compelling advantage as it can host multiple formats of your book, including print, ebooks and audiobooks. They often employ upsell tactics, enticing ebook purchasers to also acquire the audiobook for a more modest additional fee. Additionally, Amazon often offers substantial discounts on purchasing the audiobook for permanent ownership, sometimes slashing prices by up to 50%. Monitoring Amazon’s activities is wise, enabling you to promptly promote any special offers to your fan base and followers.

Using these strategies, you can help your audiobook get the recognition it deserves, bringing your words to life, leveraging the power of the new bank of content at your disposal, and reaching and connecting with a wider audience. So, take the next step in your publishing journey and let your audiobook shine.


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