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There are so many great reasons to produce an audio edition of your book. Not only do consumers and retailers expect it, but it will also help you expand your reach, access new demographics, find new readers and drive maximum value from the content that's in your book.

Our audiobook service

From fully managed, professionally narrated projects to author narration and record-at-home solutions, our audiobook production service makes recording, publishing and distribution simple, straightforward and stress free.


We'll carry out a full assessment of your book to check its suitability for audio conversion and prepare any re-writes or changes that are required to ensure the narrative flows naturally when it's recorded.


We can engage professional voice artists that will bring your audiobook to life and provide that extra feeling of quality and credibility. Or, if you have the skills,  you can choose to narrate your book yourself if you prefer.


We'll create a cover image for your audiobook and distribute it to Amazon, Audible and iTunes as standard. Plus other streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer and Google are available upon request.


Your audiobook will be recorded in a professional studio environment with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure superior sound quality from the beginning right through to the final word.

Mastering and proofing

Our start-to-finish service includes full editing, mastering and proofing to make sure your audiobook sounds perfect and everything meets our strict quality controls and exceeds industry standards.


You'll receive a generous royalty based on the net sales revenue earned from every copy or track sold or streamed.

Intentional Mastery, by William Buist

Narrated by William Buist

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