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Every two months The Right Book Company Power Lunch serves up some great conversation alongside fascinating, illuminating and useful insights into how to plan, prepare and take the first steps on your journey toward becoming a published expert author with a book for your business.

Each episode is hosted by Sue Richardson and the Right Book Company team, joined by a special guest author who's been where you are now and wants to share their experiences of writing and publishing to help you get ahead. Plus, there'll be express tips and expert knowledge to take away from our Bitesize Buffet on everything from writing and editing, to publishing and marketing.


Season 2, Episode 2

Date: 30/03/23  Time: 12:30pm (GMT), 1hr

Hosted by: Sue Richardson and the Right Book Company team  

Special Guest: NIck Cramp 

How do you create a serious business asset out of your book? How do you bake your book into your business in a way that it creates new opportunities, opens more doors and drives increased revenue and business?
Our special guest author, Nick Cramp will join us on this episode of Power Lunch to explain how he's created a bigger, better business and increased his reputation and revenue.


Season 2, Episode 1

Date: 26/01/23  Time: 12:30pm (GMT), 1hr

Hosted by: Sue Richardson and the Right Book Company team  

Special Guest: Kate Trafford 

What's stopping you from getting your book project underway? You've got some ideas and you’ve been thinking about doing it for a good while. But how do you get past your doubts and carve out the time and energy to finally make it happen in 2023?
Our special guest author, Kate Trafford will share her top tips for overcoming procrastination. Plus, alongside telling us about all the strategies she used to finally write and publish her book, she'll be explaining how you can do it too - and love the journey. 


Catch up on Season One

If you missed any of our 2022 series of Power Lunches, they're available to watch on demand now. Get fascinating insights, incredible tips, find inspiration and motivation and hear from experts and authors about how you can benefit from writing and publishing a book for your business.

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