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Writing your book is just the start of an amazing journey

Nothing sells you, your business and your brand better than a book and there are so many ways that becoming a published author will super-charge your success. Writing your book is only the beginning. It's once your book is published that the magic truly begins.

Discover more about the amazing opportunities a book could open up for you below. 

Stand Out

A book is one of the most influential marketing tools available. It has the power to get your name, brand and message into the hands of people across the world.

Open Doors

As a published expert author you'll find it's easier to open doors to the people and possibilities you always thought were out of reach to you and your business.

Become An Expert

Being an author positions you as an expert in your field and your book will help you get more publicity, better leads, and higher spending clients.

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Grow Your Platform

With a product that bears your name and contains the best of your knowledge and expertise, you'll take your brand and message around the world and connect effortlessly with new people.

Build Your Brand

You'll be able to put your business and brand into the hands of influencers and decision-makers around the world. It's your chance to position your brand as the best and most trusted in its field.

Get Publicity

A book will bring you profile and recognition and can cement your reputation. You'll become a magnet for publicity and a trusted source of authoritative content, comment and expert opinion.

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“Writing business books has helped me establish credibility and authority in my sector… helped me understand what I really offer people by focusing my mind [and] improved my communication skills.”

Graham Jones - author of Clickology

“Publishing a book has allowed me to move from a classic time-for-money business model into something scaleable. It’s moved my business to a completely different place.”

Bryony Thomas - author of Watertight Marketing

“Publishing my books has changed my life and sky-rocketed my business career. Your credibility shoots through the roof! Being an author has led to appearances on many BBC TV and radio programmes, along with articles in numerous business and lifestyle publications.”

Graham Shaw - author of The Art of Business Communication

“If you are a management consultant, or trainer, or executive coach, or conference speaker (or perhaps a creative blend of all four), I strongly recommend you write your own book. Why? Because, it will help you raise your profile, bolster your credibility and prise open exciting new doors.” 

James Bannerman - author of Genius! and Business Genius!

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