Your book, your love story.

Over the years, I’ve talked to many published authors and asked them the question – ‘Why did you want to publish a book?’ I’m fascinated to know what it is that motivates us as human beings to share our knowledge, our expertise, our stories…

There are a lot of answers that have come back to me, but as we approach the charming and uplifting annual celebration of love that is St Valentine’s day, I’m reminded of one of the reasons that I’ve heard most frequently.

It’s all to do with passion.

Perhaps it may seem a little strange to associate matters of the heart with the writing of a business book, but please bear with me…

Those who strive to create and run a successful business are very often truly driven people. What are they driven by? Money? Power? Altruism? Well, yes, often all of these things have something to do with it. Yet the biggest driver that I see in the entrepreneurs that I work with is the belief that they are here on this planet to make a difference. They are truly passionate about what they do and have a clarity of purpose that keeps them motivated.

Except, that even the most loving of relationships can be hard work sometimes. And our relationship with our own mission in life is no different. Sometimes it can be hard to be focused on what needs to be done, to stay motivated. With all the distractions of running a business, sometimes we may even feel that we are losing our way.

Writing a book is a great way to bring us closer to our passion – to remind ourselves of what is truly lying in our ‘heartspace’. And at the same time, a book is a perfect way to express meaningfully our message to the rest of the world. And that in turn can be massively inspirational for others.

As my great friend, and brilliant content marketer, Sonja Jefferson (co-author of Valuable Content Marketing), said to me once:

“I wrote a book because I wanted to find out what I was thinking.”

She didn’t mean this tritely. She was talking about exploring her true purpose and passion. What lies beneath the surface and the noise of running a busy marketing agency? Or any business for that matter? What is the true and deeper stuff that really connects us all to our own mission in life and to the help we can offer to our fellow human beings?

So if you are struggling to find the love this February – why not think about writing a book? Or even if you know exactly where your passion lies – that’s an even better reason. Share it, celebrate it, and use it to help take your brand right out there into the limelight for your audience to appreciate.

Go on. Get writing and share the love.

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