Re-energise your business with a book.

It’s been a somewhat strange and unsettling year. The world certainly seems to be in a fragile state and, whilst things are beginning to feel more positive, I’ve been hearing some genuine concern from people in the expert industry about what they've already been through and might be facing in the next few months.

The truth is, however, that as an expert in your area, you are in a more fortunate position than some. Whether you train, coach, mentor, advise or speak – or you use a combination of these skills with your clients – no matter what happens out there in the world, you still have your expertise at the core of your business. Although the world may seem to be a slightly gloomy place just now, unlike someone selling ‘stuff’, you don’t need to worry as much about supplies in China drying up, or what might be the implications of the Russia/Saudi Arabia spat over oil prices. Your ‘stuff’ is what is uniquely inside you – your tacit knowledge that you have built up from experience. Here lies the golden nuggets in your business.

Of course, one of the ways of exploiting this is to take this knowledge and turn it into a real tangible asset by writing a book. Many people in the expert space have done so and found huge advantages. Some of the things people say to me are:

  • I’ve become more visible online
  • I’ve been invited to speak at industry events
  • I’ve been offered payment to speak at an event no one else is being paid for
  • I’ve been able to negotiate higher fees for my speaking
  • I’ve received an invitation to connect with an influential person I sent the book to
  • It’s like magic – the doors just keep on opening, doors I didn’t even know were there!

I have recently re-started one of my favourite activities that helped me write my Authority Guide (to Publishing a Business Book) – chatting to business book authors about their experiences of being published authors. It is remarkable how the same stories are repeated and I hear again and again how their books have helped them build platform, profile and personal brand. A book helps you to extend your reach to a much wider audience than you can do without it – and it helps that audience to know that you are who you say you are, that you have the knowledge and expertise they need and that they can trust you.

So while the world may seem a little bit flat and tired just now, why not re-energise yourself and your business and start to plan your book? And if you do find yourself stuck indoors for any reason, whether you’re avoiding coronavirus or the wind and the rain, what better way to spend your time than mining that valuable stuff in your head for gold?

And please, feel free to reach out for a chat with me about it if you think there’s a book in there! 

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