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It's been a busy summer at the Right Book Company. We've been working on a host of exciting new books and our latest, The Unnatural Promoter by Charlie Lawson has just been launched.

All of these incredible books are already helping their awesome authors build and promote their brand, business and professional profile. 

Maybe one of these will inspire you to start a book project of your own. If so, why not get in touch with us at The Right Book Company? You can request a FREE consultation here, or reserve a seat on our next LIVE webinar here.


The Unnatural Promoter: How anyone can blow their own trumpet without feeling awkward

Charlie Lawson is a self-confessed unnatural promoter. Despite being the Director of BNI UK, he's amongst the millions of us who find talking up our business awkward. The good news is that he's worked out exactly how to get past those self-concious feelings about self-promotion and in this book he explains how you can too. Learning from his hard-won experience, he'll empower you with the skills and mindset you need to promote your business by talking confidently about what you do and persuading others to rave about you too.   > Find out more about The Unnatural Promoter

Mental Wealth: Unlock your potential, enrich your life

In this uniquely life-enhancing new book, speaker and executive coach Mike Pagan demonstrates how you can unlock your true potential, love what you do and live the life you choose with the support, encouragement and proactive potential of a Mental Wealth team. Inspiring, energising and highly motivating, this guide will show you how your own hand-picked Mental Wealth team can help you power through obstacles; expect more success; unleash your creativity; nurture your physical and mental wellbeing and navigate your journey through life with passion and purpose.  > Find out more about Mental Wealth


The Fourth Bottom Line: Flourishing in a new era of compassionate leadership

Leadership is changing, and in this book, CEO and B-corp ambassador Paul Hargreaves has written an inspirational and heartening guide to help leaders navigate this exciting, but often unfamiliar new era.Using an enlightening and thought-provoking mix of stories, quotes and case studies, Paul guides his readers on a journey of discovery through 50 essential leadership qualities. Day by day, he equips you with the ingenious ideas, inspiration, and the mindset you need to become a genuinely human and dynamic leader that's ready for this new compassionate era of leadership. > Find out more about The Fourth Bottom Line 

Better Before Bigger: Rethinking Business Success

If success isn't feeling as good as it should and your business isn't growing in a way you'd like, or your personal ambition seems to exceed the capabilities of your company, thought leader and expert business coach, Nick Cramp, has written the perfect book for you. In this eye-opening and inspiring guide, Nick shows how focusing on continual growth and measuring success solely in traditional terms is holding you back and hurting your business. He'll show you how to escape the success trap and equip you with a powerful mindset, toolkit and a set of behaviours that will help you rethink success and take your business to a new level.  > Find out more about Better Before Bigger


Mastering The Art of Team Coaching: A comprehensive guide to unleashing the power, purpose and potential in any team

Founder and principal of the Team Coaching Studio, Georgina Woudstra has written the epitome of a great business book - a  highly practical guide by a renowned and highly regarded expert. In this empowering guide, Georgina navigates readers through the often complex and challenging realities of team coaching. Equipping them with a valuable and powerful set of meta-skills and competencies, she expertly demonstrates how coaches can transform teams and realise greater success.  > Find out more about Mastering The Art of Team Coaching


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