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Right Book Buddies.

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"Join me and a select group of like-minded people to help each other to reach your writing and publishing goals ."

Together we can achieve more

The Right Book Buddies is a select and exclusive group of professionals who all share the same purpose and passion as you – to move closer to becoming a published expert author.

Sharing ideas, experiences, knowledge and expertise in a group committed to helping each other learn and grow is rich with benefits.

Now's your chance to unlock all the benefits of co-working for yourself and access the extra support, encouragement and motivation that will help you reach your writing goals.

"This is one of the best working groups I've ever been involved in – the support and wisdom is unequalled and I treasure the connections I've made."

Buddies Member

Chantal Cornelius

Who are the Right Book Buddies?

We're a small group of like-minded people with a shared purpose. 


We meet online every two weeks over six months and each meeting is facilitated by Sue Richardson, the founder and director of the Right Book Company.

Being part of the Right Book Buddies will help you:

  • Dedicate time to focus on your writing goals.

  • Benefit from the experiences and expertise of others.

  • Find support, motivation and accountability.

  • Share and test your ideas and discover new perspectives.

  • Accelerate your progress and contribute to others' successes.

  • Feel part of a positive, productive and creative community that's dedicated to helping each other. 

  • What should I expect in a Buddies group?
    Each fortnightly meeting will be facilitated by Sue Richardson and will last for 90 minutes. Through regular online group meetings we support, advise, empower and motivate each other. We celebrate our wins, learn from our losses and thrive on a spirit of mutual honesty, care, support, creativity and collaboration. We aim to inspire your confidence, offer fresh perspectives, help you find new ways to achieve and succeed, and learn from others' hard-won experience. Sometimes very serious, but often fun, it's a kind, friendly and light-hearted environment where every member can feel free to explore their ideas, share their thoughts and express their opinions.
  • When can I expect to join a group?
    We start new groups regularly throughout the year. If you register your interest, we'll be able to tell you when you'll be able to start. Once you've joined there will be 12 meetings over a six-month period. Most meetings will take place fortnightly, though there may be some scheduled breaks. Meetings are routinely held online and there's a private, members-only LinkedIn group for you to continue the conversation and mutual support in between meetings.
  • How big is a Buddies group?
    A group of between 8 and 12 people makes the ideal size. But Buddies groups can also work with slightly fewer or more people. Restricting the number in each group allows everyone to have a voice, as well as time and space to learn and access a wide and varied range of insights, ideas and advice. Each group starts with a brand new cohort, so you won't be asked to join an established group.
  • What does it cost to join a group?
    For £295 plus VAT you will have access to the fortnightly meetings and the private LinkedIn group for six months.
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Register your interest

If you'd like to benefit from joining a Buddies group, just complete this quick form to let us know. We'll then get back to you to take things forward.

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon.

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